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Gerhard Gruber

composer for silent movies, theatre and film music

Silent Movie pianist - Gerhard Gruber

"Gerhard Gruber is considered one of the world's leading silent film pianists" (NCPA Mumbai)

Gerhard Gruber is an Austrian composer and piano player. As accompanist for silent movies he has become the leading authority in Austria since 1988.

5.März Boston Jewish Film Festival
11.März Filmoteca Valencia
17.März Querétaro, Mexiko
19.März Cineteca Nacional, Mexico City
14.April Kiew
15. April Odessa
17.April Kharkiw

The silent movie artist has performed for about 550 different films (Boston, Mexico, Kiew, Odessa, Kharkiv (2016), 3rd Students Film Festival of India 2015, Mumbai-Pune/ India/ 2012, Washington, USA 2011, Delhi-Pune-Goa/ India 2011/2012, Tokyo 2006/ 2007/ 2008 (Midori Sawato), Hobart/ Australia 2007-09/10/13, Rotorua/ New Zealand 2008, Padova, Motovun Film Festival 2007, Cineconcerts Bordeaux 2005, Filmfestival Pisek/CZ 2009/11, Filmfestival Uherske Hradiste 2009/11, Viennale 1999-2004, Munich, Hamburg).

Repertoire: 550 movies

1983 - 2011 composer and musician for theatre.
Awards: 2006: "Nestroypreis", 2008: "Landeskulturpreis Upper Austria"

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As a basic principle he appreciates improvisation for his work as a silent movie pianist, which he regards as best way of a direct and always new dialogue between the events on the screen, the music and the audience.
So no performance resembles the others. Gerhard Gruber likes it to be enticed by the films again and again and to pass on these feelings to the audience.

Cit.: ´For me the feeling of being amidst the events of a film story has been undescribable exciting from the first moment and is unchanged until today. This guarantees the liveliness and vibrancy of each performance.
It is always the unity of film, music and audience. And thus each presentation is able to be a special experience.`


Cafe Elektric - music by Gerhard Gruber/ Marlene Dietrich and Willi Forst

Film score "Cafe Elektric":
"Silent film accompanist Gerhard Gruber provides an excellent piano score on the Austrian DVD edition."

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